Location: Massa Lombarda (RA), Italy
Project: Mario Cucinella Architects e WASP

TECLA, the sustainable 3D house by Mario Cucinella

TECLA, a project that represents the future of sustainable architecture, is the result of a collaboration between the architect Mario Cucinella and WASP. Combining an innovative vision and advanced technology, it has been possible to create an ecological and cutting-edge housing model. Its supporting structure, created through three-dimensional printing, testifies to the circularity of the construction process, focused on the use of reusable and recyclable materials. This innovative home is inspired by the philosophy of the invisible cities of Italo Calvino, combining the timeless past with the latest technological achievements.

During this realization, we had the opportunity to highlight one of our strengths: the ability to go against the demands of partners, customizing the lighting products on specific request.file Using our customized Flex Circle Files and Flex File System, we have adapted every light detail of TECLA according to the needs of this innovative project. The File Flex family played a key role thanks to its curvilinear shapes and versatile nature. Customisation made it possible to integrate the lighting details with TECLA’s architectural concept, demonstrating once again our flexibility and adaptability.

The collaboration with Mario Cucinella Architects and WASP for the TECLA project is a further step towards the realization of customized and sustainable lighting solutions for the challenges of the future.

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